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Pre-decision Consultation
Visa, living, accommodation, Education, Shopping, Transportation, Entertainment, Schools, Colleges,Once (Group)Up to 2 (Individ)Up to 5 (Individ)
Post Decision Consultation
(Out UK)
Induction to UK Life; Visa, living, accommodation, Education, Shopping, Transportation, Entertainment, Schools, Colleges,Once (Group)Up to 2 (Individ)Up to 5 (Individ)
English course (3 Months)N/A5%15%
During Application (Out UK)
Document VerificationN/A50%Free
Monitoring the application process (emails)N/A50%Free
CV Check (1 written Feedback)N/A50%Free
Statement Check (1 written Feedback)N/A50%Free
Life Induction (1 group session)N/A50%Free
Peer Induction (1 group session)N/A25%Free
Accommodation SearchN/A50%Free
Accommodation ViewingN/A25%50%
Preparation to Travel
(Out UK)
Visa Application
Flight Booking
Accommodation Booking
Post Arrival
Meet & GreetN/A50%Free
Sim card on arrivalN/AN/AFree
Phone call to relatives on arrivalN/AN/AFree
Transport from Airport (within 10 miles)N/A25%50%
Transport Card (Bus Pass)N/A25%Free
Living mentor (3 annual)N/A50%Free
Peer mentor (3 annual)N/A50%Free
Emergency contactFreeFreeFree
GP RegistrationN/A50%Free
Bank Account OpeningN/A50%Free
Accommodation SearchN/A50%Free
Accommodation ViewingN/A25%50%
Find a jobN/A25%50%
CV CheckN/A25%50%
Statement CheckN/A25%50%
English Course (ESOL)N/A25%50%
Career & EmployabilityN/A25%50%
Microsoft Office (3 Months)N/A25%50%
Solicitor Consultation
Initial AssessmentN/A25%50%
Accountant Consultation
Initial AssessmentN/A10%25%
Limited companyN/A10%25%
Self employmentN/A10%25%
Tax ReturnN/A10%25%
Payroll & PayslipsN/A10%25%
Inheritance TaxN/A10%25%
Saving Accounts and CardsN/A10%25%
Academic Consultation
School applicationN/A50%Free
School AppealN/A5%20%
School ExclusionN/A10%20%
GCSE ConsultationN/A10%25%
School Academic disputeN/A10%25%
Sixth Form ApplicationN/A10%25%
University ApplicationN/A10%25%
Qualification verificationN/A10%25%
University Academic disputeN/A10%25%
Housing Consultation
Mortgage AdvisorN/A
Accommodation advisorN/A
Landlord disputeN/A
Providing reference (Not Guarantor)N/A
Ma3an Academies
Pyramids SchoolsN/A10%25%
Ma3an Islamic AcademyN/A10%25%
Ma3an Educational AcademiesN/A10%25%
Ma3an SchoolsN/A10%25%
Ma3an Courses/ConferencesN/A10%25%
Social GatheringN/A10%20%
Sports ActivitiesN/A10%20%
Community Engagement
Annual Membership of ETUN/A25%50%
Work Experience with ETUN/AN/AFree
Volunteering Experience with ETU
Joining ETU WhatsApp GroupsUp to 15Up to 30Up to 50
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